Our Products

1. NR Concentrated Latex ( Centrifuged Latex)

We manufacture 60% DRC Concentrated Latex and are able to supply either High Ammonia (HA) or Low Ammonia (LA) Latex according to customer requirements. The normal specifications for Latex is as per ISO standards and is produced using the best quality Rubbers of Sri Lanka. We ensure that our supplies are of the highest quality standards which are expected by our customers.


2. Abrasive Belt Cleaning Sticks ( Stick Cleaners )

Our abrasive Belt Cleaners are made out of Natural Rubber. These Belt Cleaners are used worldwide for the purpose of cleaning grit embedded in abrasive belts and disks that are used in the wood working and mining industries. We manufacture this product in many sizes as per customer requirements and is made either in white or honey colour.


3. Skim Rubber

We manufacture Skim Crepe Rubber which is used as a cheaper alternative to various expensive grades of crepe rubber.

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