Glenross Rubber Company

We are a company located in the tropical Island of Sri Lanka, established way back in the year 1978 to grow and manufactures Natural Rubber. Since commencing business as a manufacturer of Sole Crepe and Crepe Rubber, we have presently expanded our manufacture to the horizons of NR Centrifuged Latex (HA & LA), Abrasive Belt & Disk Cleaners (Stick Cleaners) and Skim Rubber.


We ensure top quality of every product that is manufactured by us maintaining the excellence of our products in line with ISO standards.

We also manufacture our products according to specific customer requirements.


Our customers for Latex and Skim Rubber includes world’s top manufacturers of Natural Latex Gloves, 100 % Natural Foam Rubber Mattresses and Pillows, Latex Threads and specialty rubber products. Our Abrasive Belt Cleaners (Stick Cleaners) are used worldwide by the wood working and mining industries.